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Community Events

Anyone who thinks that a community only exists in the virtual realm is extremely mistaken. Games bring people from many different walks of life together through a shared experience and common goal. A lawyer works with a construction worker and a doctor depends on the healing power of a young grade school student from an economically disadvantaged town in order to achieve a common goal. People have been known to meet and fall in love in a game and get married a few years later in the real world. A community binds people together and does not shrink away from reality. A hobby turns into passion; a virtual meeting can develop into actual events that are attended by many different people.

We will help you cultivate and expand your community as well as coordinate your community events in the context of a convention or as a stand-alone event.

Our experienced team can create creative concepts according to your guidelines and specifications that perfectly match your product and the intended target group. From interactive radio shows, winning over interested groups of gamers to news coverage of your event, the possibilities are endless.