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Community Management

"Community Management is the term for all of the methods and activities dealing with the conception, development, management, operation, support and optimization of virtual communities as well as their counterpart outside the virtual realm. Community management is differentiated into operative activities and problems, which involves direct contact with the members, and strategic activities and problems, which deals with the overall framework." Source:

A community gives a game its personality – in the truest sense of the word. An intact community of fans and their mutual interactions lends credence to the phrase "More than just a game." What needs to be improved? What do our fans want and how can we utilize their feedback? These are important questions that can only be answered by the fans in the virtual living room. Of course, the feedback in forums or social media channels is not always positive feedback, but even negative responses within a community ensure a lively relationship between the customers and developers.

A community needs to be informed, entertained and appreciated in order to interact more intensively with a product, be creative and recommend it to others. Good community support is just the first step in ensuring this. A community needs a contact person, a mediator and a consultant – in short, a Community Manager.

As one of the core domains of our company, community management is especially dear to our heart. Our professionally trained and experienced Community Managers guarantee that the two-way communication always flows smoothly. They can generate useful feedback for the further development of your product by analyzing the wishes and moods of the community and filter out the most important opinions.

At the same time, the Community Manager acts as the developer's representative when dealing with the community and represents the product in a dedicated and professional manner. You can only ensure that gamers are emotionally attached to the product through personal communication with the community and the authenticity of the Community Manager.