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Betatest Management

The beta test is without a doubt one of the most delicate phases in terms of a title's future publicity. The product is exposed to the community for the first time and put to the test during beta testing. Awkwardly worded information or poor communication between the developer and gamers can easily lead to misunderstandings, which may negatively influence the game's public image. Beta test management is more than a passive search for flies in the soup. We place a lot of value on a strategic approach with carefully selected, proactive members of our international tester pool. In addition to offering special guild programs during a beta phase, we are also constantly searching for enthusiastic gamers and leaders from various genre communities. Our targeted communicative strategies make sure that your product maintains its positive image before and after its release. Our experienced team communicates the developer's concerns that are appropriate to the particular target group and forwards the community's opinions and feedback to the developer in a structured and well-prepared manner.

Whether you need forum or website texts, we strike the right note to motivate your testers and avoid negative PR in crisis situations. We are convinced that successful communication calls for personal test experience on the part of our beta test managers, so you can be sure that our team members will look into your product very thoroughly and know how to emphasize its key features.