14 good reasons for the “CMAD”

28 Januar 2013
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In 2010 Jeremiah Owyang established „Community Manager Appreciation Day” this is the day communities should cherish the work of their Community Managers. Since we insist to make a contribution to today’s CMAD, we have collected several reasons for you why even your CM deserves it to be cherished.

  • They gather your feedback and forward it to the developers. And from time to time they even kick in their closed doors if they have to.
  • They organise events on the forums, on facebook, on twitter and even in real life whereby you are taking the centre stage. From time to time you can even win some goodies.
  • They patiently explain to you the difference between „Free2play” and „free2betheUberRoXX0rontheserver” over and over again.
  • They never judge you, neither for your thoughts nor for your writing style. But you better not offend the code of conduct.
  • They are smiling for real when they are using a smilies on the forums. But we rather make no statements about their frames of mind while using other emoticons…
  • They are always dearly glad to help you with your problems. From time to time they can even use their heads in this regard.
  • They are available even during the holidays. Except for Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day and the Super Bowl.
  • They are cleaning the Troll’s teeth and putting up their hair into pretty pigtails.
  • They ensure that you feel always appreciated.
  • They are the meat shield between you and the developers. By now the term „Tank” is often replaced with the term „CM” in MMOs.
  • They are fighting for your rights even though they often get on the bad side with it.
  • They always translate the latest patch notes for you and make you understand it.
  • They forgive everything and are always willing to offer a second chance. You have to check out if this is even the case for the third chance. NO WARRANTY
  • They don’t even consider themself too good for jumping down a cliff in a romper suit; if the community wants to see that (the use of a bungee rope is optional and will be determined via a survey on the forums).

We hope our arguments convinced you and you are asking yourself right now: „What can I do, to appreciate my CM´s hard work?” Here we go; we´ve got 14 great ideas for you!

  • Write a “Thank you”-tweet, for example: “Thanks for your great work over the last year!
  • Prepare a cake (even if it´s a virtual one). In this case, the cake ain´t a lie.
  • Write a song for them. In best case, a good one. Perform it in the moonlight under their balcony. In this connection, additional Mexican marching bands are a perfect choice.
  • Use the pm-function on the forum to send them a small “thank you”-mail.
  • Write a blog to praise the work of your community manager.
  • Open up a “Thank you”-thread in the forum of your favorite game and tell everyone to participate. Even we need to be pampered from time to time.
  • Do a slide-show with the best tips and hints from your community manager.
  • Do a small video about your community manager and what you like most about him. But please refrain from showing torture scenes or other explicit content. We are sensitive.
  • Ask for more community managers to support the already existing on this important task.
  • Poems are a very good way to show your appreciation and lighten the heart of every community manager. To be super-special, use the metre 1-3-3-7
  • Spontaneous flash mobs with strictly choreographed dancing-performances are definitely the right way to show your appreciation.
  • Always keep in mind that your community manager is working for the gaming industry. As a chronically underpaid slave of the evil shareholders, he is glad about every donated Ferrari. (A Porsche, in case of doubt, is definitely ok, too.)
  • If you meet your community-manager in person, don´t hit him immediately in the face. Take your time; buy him a drink first, before you show him what you think about his last forum-announcement … in the dark backyard behind the bar.
  • Just stay the awesome community you guys already are!

By all means, we wish every community manager out there all around the world an awesome CMAD and we really hope you continue doing what you are best in: Being the heart of the community!

Sincerely yours,
The Two Pi Team

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